by Julie Beard

May 1998
ISBN: 0-71831-00599-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Julie Beard has outdone herself with Romance of the Rose! The sensual tension just burns up the pages!!

At the age of ten, Lady Rosalind Carbery and Mandrake Rothwell are fighting for the love and respect of Rosalind’s father, Lord Andrew Carbery, Earl of Dunnington. Rosalind is the only daughter and heir to Lord Carbery’s estates, but Drake is the son that her had always wanted. Having been left destitute and homeless, Lord Carbery agrees to take Drake and his mother in to live with them at ‘Thornbury House’, after learning that Drakes father had been the original builder of the prodigy house. Soon, Rosalind begins to realize that Drake is not only out for her father’s love, but also to obtain ownership of her beloved home, and she will do everything in her power to see that that never happens.

Twenty years later, Rosalind’s father and Drakes mother are killed at sea. Rosalind is now the sole owner of ‘Thornbury House’, but Drake is still a threat to her. Rosalind is still unmarried, and the queen has declared that any woman who own a prodigy house, must be married, as only a man can truly run a house of that magnitude. But Rosalind has avoided the shackled state of marriage for 30 years, and want to rule her house just as the Virgin Queen Elizabeth I, has ruled the country. But how can she get around this new dilemma, and how will she thwart Drake’s efforts to take ‘Thornbury House’?

After learning of his the Earl and his mother’s death, Drake returns from the sea to claim ‘Thornbury House’ as his own. But how will he handle Rosalind, the ‘Rose of Thornbury’ and a thorn in his side for the past twenty years? After returning to the house, Drake and Rosalind ensue in a battle of wills over who has the right to claim ‘Thornbury House’. When the queen gets wind of the battle, she takes matters into her own hands and takes the house away from both of them.

Can these two, very strong willed and stubborn people come to a compromise? Will marrying each other work to convince the queen into believing that they have fallen in love and want the house back to live in jointly? Or will they finally realize that ‘Thornbury House’ isn’t the real claim that they want to make, but the claim on each other’s hearts?

This is my absolute favorite Julie Beard story. The sexual tension and the intrigue make for a fantastic- can’t- put- it -down book! The characters are so believable, that you’ll swear you know someone who’s just as stubborn and prideful as these two. Attention to detail is one thing that Ms. Beard is well known for. The description of the prodigy house and its furnishings is stupendous.

This is a definite keeper! Enjoy!!

Reviewed in March 2002 by Debbie.

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