by Laurie Larsen

May 2004
ISBN: 1-4137-1014-X
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Trade Paperback

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Lydia Pisani joins the ranks of single mom when her husband suddenly dies. She balances working full-time, managing a sullen seven-year-old, and a very active three-year-old, as well as can be expected.

However, on the day that her daughter Angela has her tonsils removed, Lydia makes a sudden decision that will change their lives forever. They return home after surgery for what Lydia hopes will be a relaxing, girls-only afternoon while her son Markie is at daycare. Angela, still suffering from the after effects of surgery, falls into a deep sleep on the couch. Lydia decides that it would be a shame to wake her daughter for the short time it will take to bring Markie home.

When she returns home half an hour later, it is to see her daughter being put into an ambulance. How could one small choice have caused some major consequences? In the following chapters, youíll follow Lydia as she fights the social services department to prove that she really isnít a negligent mom. Sheíll also have to deal with her overbearing in-laws who think they know what is best for Lydia and her children.

I was expecting a quick read when I picked up this book. However, I wasnít holding out hope for a best-seller. I was very surprised when I found it almost difficult to put the book down to do necessary things. As a mother myself, it was so easy to relate to what Lydia was going through. I often found myself thinking, how many choices do I make a day that could possibly be a momentary lapse in judgment. Iíll be sure to keep my eyes open for Larsenís previous book Whispers Of The Heart.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Shelby.

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