by Angela Verdenius

June 2004
ISBN: 1-59088-294-6
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Having been a reader fan of Ms. Verdenius’s books since her first one (Heart of An Outlaw/b>, Feb. 2003), I wasn’t left disappointed with this newest one. Packed with non-stop adventure, heart-melting romance, and laugh-out-loud humor, Love's Bewtichinig Thiefis a recommend “Don’t miss this one” book!

Young Lysie makes her living as a thief, roaming the galaxy, free spirited and independent. She’s never had a problem with the lifestyle until she makes the mistake of stealing jewels from Marten --- an Argon (from Love's Sweet Assassin, Nov. 2003). One heist wasn’t enough, and Lysie adds insult to injury by stealing from him again. Furious, Marten puts out a bounty on her and she has to flee for her life.

The last thing he expects is his luck to change (though he’s not sure it changes for the better!) when Marten finds Lysie has hid on his ship. He’s got the little thief now, and he’s determined to take her back to Argon.

Thus starts a journey that is fraught with dangers: a manic cyborg is tracking Lysie across the galaxy with the intent to kill her; they crash land on a hostile planet; Lysie’s long lost relatives have discovered she’s alive and want her back --- for reasons of their own; and most troublesome of all: Marten has discovered that Lysie is a rare Felys… and she’s about to come ‘into heat’.

This was a fantastic book! The love that grew between Lysie and Marten was electric from the beginning and only got hotter as the story progressed. The humorous verbal exchanges between the two added to the ambiance and made this a very enjoyable ‘keep turning those pages until you finish it’ read!

Reviewed in August 2004 by Kari.

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