by Joanna King

September 2004
ISBN: 0-9759653-1-X
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Trade Paperback

Gallus Navius Lucan, fourth son of the King of Numia has no aspirations to sit on the Dragon Throne. All of his dreams lay not on a warrior’s path but along the spiritual—Lucan was to have become a priest of Solan. With one sweep of his uncle Magnus’ sword, his dreams, and his family are no more. Backed by his army of rebels, Lucan has only one dream now: to remove Magnus from the throne of Numia and take control of the government. However, on his way he gains an unexpected ally in Branna ta Cattia, high priestess of Tir na Ban.

Branna has come to Numia in search of the man of her dreams, literally. Prophetic dreams tell of the ritual of the Balance, the spell that will free her people and destroy Magnus, that she is to perform with a priest of Solan. Trying to escape Magnus’ forces, Branna runs into the man she has been seeking, Lucan. But Lucan is more than what he seems; he is also Branna’s spirit mate, her other half. The worst part of the whole situation is that performing the ritual will exact a deadly price. The use of high magic will either kill them or make them wish it had.

Raven’s Quest by Joanna King, also known as romantica author Anya Bast, is the first paranormal romance by this author. For those of you not fond of the ”romantic quest” plot then this story will not be for you, but if you thrive on adventure, magic, sexy romantic moments between the hero and heroine then pull up a chair. Raven’s Quest is fun, full of thrills, magic, and a beautiful love story. But don’t take it from me see for yourself.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Cynthia.

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