by Arianna Hart

August 2004
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Lieutenant Lucy Malone is Chief Medical Officer on board The Federation and she is tired of patching up soldiers bored enough to beat each other up for entertainment. When Captain Drog enters her domain to check up on the latest gladiator, Lucy lets him know what she thinks of his men.

Drog doesn’t mind, as it allows him to spend time with Lucy. Time he spends seducing her. And he’s serious: dinner, chocolate and playing the hero when it comes to apprehending a drug dealer. Not that any of it is really necessary, as Lucy can’t keep her hands off him, and is more than able to solve a crime and defend herself.

Lucy’s Lover is a solid, well paced story that easily could be part of a space opera episode. And so I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the story started out as fan fiction for Deep Space Nine or another similar TV show.

As a result the story isn’t nearly long enough to fill out the characters and allow the readers to experience their love and passion. Sure there are skintight space suits, small intimate rooms and enforced proximity, and those elements combined with some sex do provide short term amusement. However, even a (nice) alpha hero and a independent kick-ass heroine need a little more room and pages to see their relationship develop. And maybe it wouldn’t have been such an obviously forced happy ending if it didn’t end in a rushed marriage proposal.

Still, Arianna Hart’s, Lucy’s Lover is fun to read, it is a quickie and those attracted to men in tights should find it at least mildly arousing.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Kris Alice.

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