by Susan Johnson, Katherine O`Neal, Pam Rosenthal

December 2004
ISBN: 0-7582-0529-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

I am a fan and for years only read historical romances. So when the chance came for me to read Strangers In The Night I jumped for it. Especially given the fact it is a Brava book and that means more steamier and sexy story lines then you would normally find. Well, the book did have some sizzle, but I also had a hard time with the book in general.

Susan Johnson started this anthology off with Natural Attraction. Take a man, Jasper Viscount Priestley, who is happy to have one-night stands, the love ‘em and leave ‘em type nicknamed “The Pope”. He meets his match with Nicky. Nicky is outspoken, doesn’t hold anything back and dresses like a man. Nicky is a scientist's assistant and she can hold her own in a conversation with any man given her diverse education. Nicky and Jasper start out with only sex in mind and having a good time while they are together.

Next up with Fool Me Once is Katherine O’Neal. Here we have a con artist that is conned. Kate is a con artist and she is caught but released when she realizes her only chance is to do what Rhys wants. She is to impersonate an Aztec Princess in Mexico as part of revenge that Rhys has in store for a very powerful and disliked man in Mexico. Rhys is playing the biggest con of his life and Kate is there for the ride, in more ways than one. Kate has fallen in love with Rhys but she thinks that he doesn’t love her and she tries to get out of the relationship, from the bondage that he has placed her in. Can she break free of his hold on her? And what will happen after the revenge is complete?

The last story in this anthology is A House on Regent Street by Pam Rosenthal. The house was once used as a brothel, and still has many of the features from that time. Jack wants the house as an investment and he does buy it but he pays much more than it is worth all because of Cleo. Cleo walks in with her companions and wants the house as well because she used to work at the house. So what does Jack, an ex-sailor, do but offer up a proposition to Cleo that he will let her lease the house after spending five days with him in the house doing anything he wants.

At the beginning of the review I stated I had a hard time with the book. I did on several different occasions. The first one is, I needed a dictionary. I’m sorry but some of the words used stopped me cold when I was reading Natural Attraction. One of the other things that had me puzzled is the time frame on Fool Me Once. When I think historical, I’m thinking the setting is before the 1900’s, which was not the case with the story.

Strangers in the Night took a while for me to read, as I was able to just put it down at anytime and move on to something else. The book for me seemed to take a long time to read. In a few of the stories we were only able to see what one of the main characters were thinking or feeling. I like it when we are able to see both the hero and heroines thinking, feeling and how they came to be who they are today. Out of the three stories, the one I liked the best was the last one, A House on Regent Street. To me I was able to finish the story the quickest and it held my interest. They both knew what they were getting into and what would happen at the end of the five days. There were a few twists that were in the second and last story that I didn’t see coming and was pleasantly surprised by them both. Even though I was not thrilled with the book, I will still continue to read books by these authors.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Pam.