by Amy J. Fetzer

December 2004
ISBN: 0-7582-0808-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Tell It To The Marines is an anthology by Amy J. Fetzer that is a definite must-read for anyone who loves a “man in uniform” and who doesn’t?!?!?!

Gunnery Sergeant David James “DJ” McAllister is stationed in Panama when he gets informed of the kidnapping of an American citizen. Why did it have to be Mary Grace Heyward?? Mary Grace is in Panama, planning the renewal of wedding vows for the U.S. Ambassador and his wife, Mary Grace’s sister. She’s kidnapped right after the reception, but she has no idea why. Why did it have to be DJ assigned to rescue her? They have a long history of friendship, lust and love. Theirs has always been a Hot Conflict. They have also been very good at hiding their true feelings from each other. Their escape and hiding from the rebels brings them closer than ever, but will it be enough?

Gunnery Sergeant Jake Mackenzie is sent to a small island in the East China Sea to rescue a chemical scientist who was kidnapped from a conference in Hong Kong by a terrorist cell. The assumption is made that she was kidnapped in order to provide the terrorist with weapons of mass destruction. Jake’s orders are to get her out and destroy any WMD. Katherine is a genius who helped discover an antidote for chemical weapons. She was in Hong Kong giving a lecture to the defense departments and their scientists of five different countries. The notes on the antidote also contained the formula for the weapon. Right after the lecture, she was drugged and kidnapped, with her notes. She wouldn’t leave them behind and the rescue is botched. Jake and Katherine are stranded on a desert island, probably uncharted, for who knows how long. How can a Marine and a “brainiac” get along, alone, on a desert island? Read Hot Landing Zone and catch the fun!

Gunnery Sergeant Richard “Rick” Cahill is sent into South America to rescue Samantha Previn, Peace Corps volunteer and nurse. He has less than four hours to find her and extract her before Operation Burn Out, a joint DEA and Columbian Government operation to try and burn out drug labs, commences. He finds her in a village deep in the Columbian jungle. As the helicopter is extracting them, they are fired upon. Rick’s men get away, leaving Rick and Sam on the run and a Hot Target. He admires the way she adjusts to the situation and gets the job done. Sam is actually the daughter of a Marine general, so nothing really disturbs her, except maybe snakes! Time and again they cover each other in their run through the jungle to the next safe landing zone. Their admiration turns into something deeper but will they be able to co-exist back in the real world?

Amy J. Fetzer gives us three great stories about heroic Marines and the gutsy ladies that capture their hearts!!! Do yourself a favor and read this fantastic anthology!!

Reviewed in January 2005 by PamL.

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