by Stephanie Rowe

October 2004
ISBN: 0-8439-5406-X
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Trade Paperback

When you come from an illustrious family of lawyers and other overachievers, how do you rebel? Avoid law school like the plague and take the position of Social Director for a law firm instead! With the summer internship program in full swing, Shannon McCormick’s busy season has begun. Planning weekly entertainment and meaningful job assignments to future partners is no easy feat. Keeping whiny ambitious neophyte lawyers on the fast track at her snobby Boston law firm requires all of Shannon’s energy and diplomacy.

To make matters worse, the firm’s new partner has absconded with her secretary for a special project, leaving Shannon in the lurch. Blaine Hampton even has the gall to ensnare Shannon’s free-spirit roomie Emma for some one-on-one action. Seeing Mr. Pretentious Bastard in his skivvies at the refrigerator is just too much for Shannon. With her sister’s wedding to a society doctor putting Shannon in close contact with her disapproving family, Shannon is reaching her maximum stress level. Even the rest of her cadre of friends are acting strangely out of character. Is there a lunar eclipse or is it Shannon??

I had no preconceived expectations when I started Unbecoming Behavior, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Stephanie Rowe’s writing is casual and conversational. Her characters are appealing and the plot, while not earth-shattering, is definitely entertaining. It was fun watching Shannon solve her social and professional crises. It definitely took me away from my own for a while. While the book does not focus on romance at first, it ends up with plenty for a number of characters.

The book reads like a madcap movie with a good-hearted (but slightly ditzy) heroine. Shannon has fought against her family for so long that she has lost sight of the real battle. It is time for her to discover who she really is.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Paula.

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