by Cherry Adair

August 2004
ISBN: 0-345-475-798
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books

Cherry Adair’s latest novel and first hardcover On Thin Ice is the story of Dr. Lily Munroe and Derek Wright, Rancher and TFLAC operative.

Lily is a veterinarian, who is married to Derek’s friend Sean Munroe, and now a widow. Derek has been in love with Lily for years, but he’s never let on. They dated for a time but the feelings Derek stirred in Lily scared her and she ran….right into Sean’s arms.

Derek’s decided that she has grieved long enough for a man that wasn’t good enough for her anyway! Sean’s been dead for 6 months from terminal cancer that Lily nursed him through. After overhearing a conversation between two ranch hands regarding something she should know about but doesn’t, Lily starts investigating and discovers that Sean was involved in some very shady business dealings. Since Derek owns half the ranch, she has reservations about trusting him to not be involved. Actually, Lily has reservations about trusting anyone.

Lily’s ‘passions’ are her job, raising and training sled dogs for the Iditarod race and running the race. She taught Derek to run also, not knowing that he ran to be with her. This year, Lily wants him to stay home. She needs personal space to make some decisions about her future and she doesn’t want him to distract her in any way. Derek doesn’t listen and while at first she’s not happy about it but within the first couple of days of the race she’s thrilled to have him in the race.

On Thin Ice has action, adventure, suspense, romance and the excitement of the Iditarod. Derek is a hero to die for, while I sometimes wanted to smack Lily for her issues. She’s a feisty, take-no-bull heroine, but if she could have been a little more sensible, I think she would have been great. As a couple, Derek and Lily were terrific!

If you are a fan of Cherry Adair’s and been following the adventures of the Wright brothers and sister Marnie, you cannot miss this book for several reasons. Derek gets his true love, we meet up with the entire clan again and Huntington St. John!!! I can’t wait to read his story and I believe it’s next – at least I hope so! Thank you Ms. Adair for a wild and wonderful ride with the Wright family!!!!

Reviewed in August 2004 by PamL.

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