by Sahara Kelly

August 2004
ISBN: 1-59596-026-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Changeling Press

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Cassandra Turner and her two friends, Bethany and Ann, enjoy reading what many people consider to be improper novels. The novels which speak in great detail about lovers. When they receive word that one of their favorite authors, Lady Mildred Derby, is accepting visitors at her home, the three friends quickly make plans for the visit.

Excitement isnít all that causes anxiety. As the trio rides towards Lady Mildredís estate Cassandraís precognitive abilities send warnings her way. Her two friends are so focused on meeting the famed author that Cassandra has no alternative but to carry on with the visit and protect her friends.

While there Cassandra meets Lady Mildredís butler, the mysterious Edward. Edward is the most beautiful man Cassandra has ever seen. But something about him doesnít seem right to her. The truth about Edward and his connection to Lady Mildred will shock Cassandra, but itís nothing compared to her reaction when she discovers whatís really cooking at Derby Hill.

There are many stories in print and more coming each day, so readers must be selective. If youíre looking for the cream of the crop, the piece de resistance, then look no further than Dinner is Served by Sahara Kelly. Although a quick read itís not short on entertainment. This story seduces at first word and continues to hold the reader in a gratifying trance from which one chooses not to escape.

The phenomenal plot, surreal characters, and unnerving ending to this tale leave readers breathless. Lady Mildred is as vile a villain as any created, yet in her evilness there is a dark beauty which dictates not only distaste, but also a need to know more. She is a character who in time will undoubtedly inspire much affection.

With Dinner is Served, Kelly offers up a literary meal that is deliciously seasoned with wry humor, the perfect sprinkling of horror, and an appeasing portion of red hot sex. If we all canít be so lucky as to actually partake of a meal with Kelly, letís only hope that a tasty dessert of a sequel will be given to us soon.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Natasha.

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