by Alton Gansky

October 2004
ISBN: 0-310-24958-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Zondervan
Trade Paperback

Politics is rough—for Madison Glenn it’s deadly

Mayor Madison Glenn is about to begin the monthly council meeting, when the chief of police comes in and asks to speak to her —immediately. Maddy’s friend and the treasurer of her campaign has been kidnapped. The only thing that remains at the crime scene is a shocking clue—with Maddy’s name on it.

The hunt for answers begins, but instead of answers, the only thing that turns up are more clues in a frightening game the abductor wants to play. Caught between a haunting past and a dangerous present, Maddy’s faith begins to crumble.

When a second abduction happens, it reveals insider information about Maddy’s run for congress. A decision she hasn’t even made yet. Someone is going to great lengths to make a decision for her, but will Maddy survive the choice?

I couldn’t really get into The Incumbent. I had a hard time relating to the characters, although I did understand the terror they felt as they faced certain events. I quickly figured out who was behind the crimes and threats and that made it even harder to continue reading the story. If you are a fan of political mysteries, you might enjoy The Incumbent more than someone who doesn’t care much for the workings of any sort of political office.

The Incumbent is a thick book and isn’t easily read in a day—or even a couple days. It is a book that I had to put down and think about so I could understand what was happening and what some of the implied threats were as some of the clues left weren’t too obvious. Political mystery lovers should look for this latest offering from Alton Gansky.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Laura.

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