by Paul McCusker

September 2004
ISBN: 0-310-25354-3
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Trade Paperback

There is nothing I disliked about this book. I even treasured the cover of the book. I would not mind having the cover as a painting in my home.

What bowled me over is that the author of this book is a male. Most males cannot pull off writing romances, but this gentleman did with marvelous results.

Elaine Arthur had kept a secret for fifty years when a comment made to her by a close friend pushes her into a dark world. Her granddaughter, Lainey Bishop, needs to find out what caused this to happen. Lainey begins to investigate her grandmother`s past and discovers her grandmother once loved a man named Adam Powell.

Nicholas Powell, grandson to Adam, is in the process of putting together a surprise for his grandfather`s retirement party. So far, it has been pretty dull. Until he discovers a box in the archives of Powell Publishing, the company his grandfather started. It is taped shut. He knows he should not open it, but does. Inside are unopened letters from a woman named Elaine Arthur.

Both Nicholas and Lainey are on a mission to find out what happened fifty years ago, each having their own reasons. They find each other through the internet and begin to email, asking questions about each grandparent. It becomes evident that they need to meet and decide on the best way to help their grandparents.

This is also a story about Nicholas and Lainey, their own journey into their future. They learn things about themselves which will affect them in ways they do not see coming.

There are few books in life which touch a person on every level. This is one such book. This reviewer recommends The Mill HOuse to anyone who has lost a love in their life. This is a must read!

Reviewed in September 2004 by Pat.

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