by Paris Dixon

August 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-274-X
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Tess was not having a good day. Well, when did she ever. She was single, no boyfriend and well simply put, she needed to get laid. She was so uptight and work was the only thing she wanted and did, she didnít have time for anything else. When she felt the urge, she brought out her handy dandy vibrator, but that isnít a good substitute for the real thing.

Her day was going badly and, in her opinion, went downhill fast when she was told that she would be getting a co-anchor for her local news program. This was her shot of moving to the big leagues and to say she was upset about it is an understatement. She was furious. And who happened to hear some of the things she said but her new co-anchor Jared. Letís just say instant attraction on Tessí part and for once, for a moment or two, a loss for words.

Jared did overhear Tess and what she said about him. They hadnít even met yet, and she was out for blood. Jared did find out a few things from their boss about Tess. Tess was not happy about this development at all.

Tessís plan is to make Jared look like a fool on live TV, sort of backfires on her. What she does to him while reading the news is something else. It makes you wonder what really goes on under the desk.

News At 11 is a short story and one that you might not want to miss. Yes, all the interaction happens at the news station. I mean ALL the action. Can Tessí plan backfire on her or get her exactly what she really wants? To find out how these two news anchors broadcast the news, what happens under the desk and in the dressing rooms, read News At 11. It isnít your typical newscast.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Pam.

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