by J. M. Jeffries

August 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-187-5
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Andrew Sullivan just sold his brokerage firm and now he is free to do what he wants. He is only thirty-seven years old and he raised his brothers and sisters after his parentsí sudden death. So what does the now footloose and fancy-free man want to do? Travel, yep, to Los Angeles and see some sites on the way, but the sites are more education than fun. And since he doesn't know how to drive, he hires a limo service to provide a driver and a Range Rover.

Francesca Ling is the hired driver for Drew. Only she has some slight problems. She is directionally challenged. She tries to follow the signs and/or maps but, as she put it, the signs go by too fast and you canít back up to read them. Frankie also has a style all her own from her clothing to her personality. You see she has a slight identity crisis, her father is Chinese and her mother is Italian. Now throw into the mix the grandmothers and their whimsical sayings and you a woman that isnít sure of herself. But she does know how to have fun and that is what she plans for Drew to do, have fun.

Well, fun is certainly on the menu and Frankie knows how to have it. But what Drew has planned doesn't seem like fun at all to Frankie; so being directionally impaired does has its advantages. We canít forget that the Goddess of Love, Venus and her son, Cupid have a hand in this misadventure as well. Venus and Cupid have been demoted and now Vesta, the Goddess of Virtue and Purity has taken over the Goddess of Love position. But that doesnít stop Venus and Cupid from trying to outwit Vesta. Vesta is trying to get Drew to Los Angeles and the woman she has picked out for him.

The Captivating Chauffeur is exactly that, captivating. It will keep you scrolling down the pages to find out what the next words of wisdom that Frankie spills from one of her grandmothers in any given situation. The writing duo that makes up J.M. Jeffries have given us another lighthearted and warm story about finding love in the most unexpected places with someone you might not even realize you want, let alone fall in love with. With the quirky nature of Frankie and the more stodgy nature of Drew they learn to let loose and have fun along the way to finding the love on the road to Los Angeles. Iím hoping we will see more stories with Venus and Cupid in them and the blunders they have and what it takes to fix them and their adventures along the way. Iím wondering how they will deal with what Drew did near the end of the story.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Pam.

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