by Jaid Black

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Frankly, I’m not into the submissive stuff in my erotica much… the thought of reading a woman on her knees being spanked and whatever the bejesus out of her for sexual pleasure doesn’t exactly provoke sexy ideas in my mind. But after reading The Possession, Jaid Black has put a rather more attractive spin than I originally imagined! (On the other hand, I may not have much of an imagination….)

Dr. Kris Torrence is responsible, dedicated, smart and tenured as an archaeology professor at a university. But at thirty-four, she’s beginning to feel like an old spinster… it doesn’t help that she dresses in conservative spinster-ish clothes, wears thick framed granny glasses, and actually owns ten (yes, count ‘em – TEN!) cats - which pretty much completes the old spinster teacher façade. Yes, that’s right – a façade! For inside this schoolmarmy woman beats the heart of a submissive. Not that she’s ever tried it before, but since she’s not getting any younger, she might as well go for some memories that’ll make her orgasmic for years to come. Besides, that Jack McKenna, who she often refers to privately as the Grinch, isn’t going to be accommodating to plain ol’ average looking Krissy. As far as she knows, since he’s rich as Croesus (get it? Archaelogy… Croesus… oh never mind!), he must regularly dates blonde bimbos.

Jack McKenna has sponsored the university’s digs for the last couple of years – and for that long, he’s been harboring some feelings for the snotty, know-it-all Dr. Torrence. He’d like nothing more than to put her in her place… like underneath him! So he growls and frowns at her every time they meet – if she’s going to act all snotty, he can be mean son-of-a-gun. And although he and Kris have a love-hate (or rather a lust-hate!) relationship, he seeks her out whenever he gets a chance.

But Kris decides to take life by its horns and applies as a submissive at an out-of-town resort where ridiculously rich (think Bill Gates rich!) men congregate for fun, sun and paid for sex. Kris’ fantasy island, so to speak – but it doesn’t hurt that while she fulfills her own fantasies, she also gets a lot of money for it! But that wasn’t the point…. Of course, who should be there but Jack McKenna himself!! Her wildest dream come true, especially since he’s been getting her horny just by growling at her for two long years!

It’s hard to say exactly what’s so good about the story – it’s very entertaining in every way with several laugh out loud moments, which makes reading a “romantica” like The Possession fun! The thoughts that Kris has as she goes through being a prostitute is a riot (like Kris falling in love with a man who can expertly – and unselfishly, if you know what I mean! - pleasure a woman for several orgasmic peaks WITHOUT knowing what he looks like!) – and the frustration that Jack goes through as he prevents Kris from… er, “doing it” with other men is endearing. I’ve always been a sucker for strong, determined alpha males who will declare right off territorial rights to one woman; I think they’re just big giant teddy bears, and that’s exactly what Jack was – a big, giant, cuddly, sexy, attractive, and full-of-stamina teddy bear.

Okay, so while the hero and heroine are attractive, engaging and humorous, there’s no going around the fact that this is an erotica – or rather a “romantica”. So while it might be unnecessary to say that the sex was HOT, it still bears mentioning - I mean, like jump-your-partner-after-you-read-it kind of hot! There’s nothing gross or inventive (or anything “alternative”) happening here – just plain ol’ dirty get-down-to-it kind of sex… with velvet covered handcuffs! But despite the erotic interludes, which were delightfully limited to the main characters, it’s still a romance between Kris and Jack. Romance and hot sex - not to mention a funny bone tickle on the side – you can’t go wrong with The Possession!

Reviewed in March 2002 by Veronica.

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