by Kristin Hardy

August 2004
ISBN: 0-373-79152-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #148
Mass Market Paperback

Sabrina Pantolini has spent years being the typical jet set party girl. After all she had an image to live up to being the daughter of the famous director Michael Pantolini. Her father was very upset when Sabrina dropped out of film school. The two had a huge fight about the direction Sabrina was headed in her life. When her dad is unexpectedly killed Sabrina’s world comes crashing down around her. Suddenly she sees that her dad only wanted what was best for her and she asks her uncle Gus to take her under his wing and help her learn the ropes of the production process.

She has worked hard the last couple of years and made Gus proud. Now she wants to prove she can get the job done on her own. Sabrina wants to do a documentary pilot for a cable network called “True Sex”. Her hope is that the execs will love the show and it will get picked up for the new season. All systems are go until Sabrina’s director suddenly drops out of the project. Where will she find another director on such short notice?

Stefos Costas is the top director filming documentaries today. Having just finished up his latest project he is preparing to go to Greece to film a documentary about his grandparents’ history. This is the documentary he has always wanted to shoot. His only problem is lack of funding.

Gus Stirling pays a visit to Stefos’ office on behalf of his niece. He makes a deal with Stef that he will fund the Greece project if Stef will fill in as director on Sabrina’s project. Stef reluctantly agrees despite the fact that he and Sabrina have a past. They were lovers until Stef caught Sabrina in a compromising position and the two broke things off. Can they manage to work together on this project without getting involved again?

Kristin Hardy has created another winning read with Turn Me On. This book is the start of the author’s Sex and The Supper Club mini series. Turn Me On gives the reader some steaming moments as Stef and Sabrina rekindle the romance that never quite died for either of them. The backdrop of the “True Sex” documentary offers some rather interesting scenes in this book.

Ms hardy also introduces the reader to the cast for the future books as well as gives readers glimpses of a secondary romance between reporter Kelly Vandevere and cameraman Kevin Cooper. Turn Me On is the first of what promises to be a truly unique series penned by an author on the rise. Mark your calendars now for the next installment scheduled for an October release.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Barbara.

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