by Omma Velada

September 2004
ISBN: 1904781101
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Mass Market Paperback

Of all the young ladies in Farrington, Catherine Haywood was most certain to marry and marry well. Pretty, intelligent and full of life, her father has selected a very suitable husband for her, the wealthy and most respectable Mr. Larkin. As Catherine and Mr. Larkin become better acquainted, Catherine soon learns that he is a little too straight-laced for her tastes, but when her father insists that she accept his suit; should he propose, Catherine doesnít know if she can refuse him.

James, Mr. Larkinís groom, takes Catherine riding daily and is a far more agreeable companion. James has a zest for life of which Catherine can fully understand and relate to. Being a stable-hand at the Mackerby Estates and under the employ of Mr. Larkin are all that James could wish for. That is, until he begins to have feelings for Catherine, someone whom he can never hope of gaining the affections of. What James doesnít know is that Catherine is quickly falling in love with him, too.

On an outing, Catherine learns of the legend behind the Mackerby family scandalÖthat the youngest daughter of the Mackerby family had run off to elope with a servant who in turn left her and she later died of cholera, destitute and alone. Catherine does not want to bring that kind of shame upon her family, but how can she deny what she feels for James? How will James convince her that it doesnít matter? All that matters is how much they love each other.

The Mackerby Scandal is a tale of love and the hardships of that love being seen by society as right or wrong. Propriety must always be observed and is obvious throughout the story. Ms. Velada writes along the lines of Jane Austin and brings to life the history of the Regency era. The characters are written to the exact detail as to those people who lived in that time in English history. The setting is very believable as is the dialogue that the characters share. If you are looking of a hot, romantic love story, this book is not for you. If you want a story written with precise attention to detail and history, then The Mackerby Scandal is a good choice.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Debbie.

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