by Sarah Mlynowski

October 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25071-1
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Monkey Business, a 2004 release by author Sarah Mlynowski is a book which allows readers to follow the lives of four students who are attempting to reach their ultimate goal of putting the letters MBA behind their names. From the new class of students selected to attend LWBS, Connecticut Universityís business school Ms. Mlynowski has chosen to give readers an in-depth view into the lives of four;Kimmie, Jamie, Russ, and Layla.

Kimmie applied to business school more because her boyfriend wanted to attend than for any big desire of her own to attend. She was accepted while he was not. Then she found out that he was also not the boyfriend she thought he was, and thus her decision to attend business school was solidified.

Jamie loves to kid around. After getting laid off from his job working in a hospital he decides that going for his MBA is what he wants to do. Heís very well suited for business school, but because of his humorous nature it takes the others in his work group a bit of time to figure this out.

Layla is the obsessive compulsive in the group. Sheís not only obsessed about whatever germs might be in the coed bathroom, but also about being the very best Layla she can be. Layla is different from the others in the group in that she comes from a life of privilege, and believes that her life goals are already set.

Russ is from Canada, and while he left a strong long term relationship behind heís still got a roving eye. He knows what his girlfriend Sharon is wanting and expecting but heís not sure what he wants. He finally begins living life more as to how he thinks it should be lived, but always is wondering what Sharon will think about this or that.

As you can see this is a very diverse group of people. Ms. Mylnowski wove a story in which these four people learned more than what the business textbooks they were reading had to offer. They learned how to adjust to one anotherís personalities, and thus to care for each other. Kimmie, Jamie, Russ, and Layla also learned a lot about themselves, and as a reader you canít help but root for your personal favorite of the group, and think that the one(s) you didnít care for got what they deserved in the end.

Hereís where I have to tell you that at first I thought I wouldnít enjoy Monkey Business.

It started out a bit confusing, but soon I was wrapped up in the story and the lives of Kimmie, Jamie, Russ, and Layla and didnít want to set the book aside to carry on the mundane details of daily life. I think you too will enjoy Monkey Business.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Sandi.

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