by Joan Hohl

December 2001
ISBN: 0-8217-6833-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

I Do is a collection of three short stories by Joan Hohl previously published under pseudonym Amii Lorin by Dell Publishing and Leisure Books.

In The Tawny Gold Man, Anne Morre has had a crush on her stepbrother by marriage, Jud Cammeron, since she was fourteen. On Jud’ s twenty-fifth birthday, Anne bought him a gift and they declared their love for each other. In the middle of their love making on the same night, Jud’ s father interrupted them. After a quarrel between father and son, Jud left home the next morning and never intended to return. Upon the death of his father, Jud finally returned home and became the head of the family. Now Anne is a grown woman and has a fiancé. With the return of Jud, Anne has doubts in marrying her fiancé.

Tina Holden Merritt needs to access her trust fund to save her salon in Power and Seduction. The only way is to confront her financial guidance, Dirk Tanger, appointed by her deceased father. Dirk was Tina’ s childhood love. Five years ago, Tina buried her father when she was nineteen. Dirk returned from Germany to offer comfort but ended up spending the night with Tina. The next day, he returned to Germany and sent Tina back to finish college.

Tara Schmitt in Morning Rose, Evening Savage is about an independent woman who is looking for a prosperous man to marry. Alek Rykovsky wants to be that man. He is rich, handsome, and arrogant. He thinks money could buy everything including Tara Schmitt. But his personality is a complete turnoff for Tara.

The plots and characters of the stories in I Do are similar. The heroes are rich, handsome, successful but arrogant. The heroines are hardworking, successful but weak. The only excuse the heroes have in marrying the heroines is to solve the heroines’ financial problem but actually they are desperate to make them their wives. Although the heroines fight hard to support themselves, they finally concede to marry the heroes under different circumstances. I Do isn’t an unpleasant read though the stories are a bit outdated.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Rose.

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