by Erica Orloff

September 2004
ISBN: 0-373-25070-3
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Trade Paperback

Mafia Chic exposes the dramatic yet touchingly humorous life of Teddi (Theresa) Gallo, a New York restaurateur who just happens to be the only granddaughter of one of New York’s most alleged Mafia dons. At a time when Teddi is afraid to introduce anyone to her bone cracking family, she meets Robert Wharton, an uptown news-anchor who doesn’t seem to mind that she is one of those Gallos. Robert isn’t Teddi’s thunderbolt from Cupid, but she believes he’ll do nicely. At least she’s telling herself that when she notices handsome FBI Agent, Mark Petrocelli. Petrocelli is the last thing a Mafia princess needs, but that sharp dose of reality still doesn’t stop Teddi from thinking about him constantly.

With two men in tow, Teddi’s hands should be filled, but they’re not. She’s still got enough Gallo in her to patiently babysit her best friend, Lady Di, to restrain from choking her womanizing cousin and business partner, Quinn, and to survive a gangland war. And somehow, using every ounce of mafia chick at her disposal, Teddi Gallo will discover the truth about lightning bolts and family.

Mafia Chic is yet another top-notch novel from literary diva, Erica Orloff. Fans of Orloff’s previous novels, including Spanish Disco and Diary of a Blues Goddess will definitely not be disappointed. Once again, the author delivers a superbly crafted story, which captivates the reader with snappy dialogue and wit.

Although it would have been quite easy to fall into the creation of stereotypical mob characters, Orloff dances to her own beat by creating unique, yet believable, arresting characters. Teddi is an unforgettable heroine who - like her illustrator - sings her own song. She can clear off a pool table just as easily as she can whip up a scrumptious Florentine chicken.

Orloff’s use of the FBI’s taped conversation to tell part of the story is nothing short of brilliant. Not only do the tapes inform the reader but they also set a pathway for the actions of some of the other characters. This highly successful writing technique is one of the reasons why Erica Orloff stands out in any literary crowd.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Natasha.

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