by Kim O`Brien

August 2004
ISBN: 0-8034-9664-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Avalon Books

Legal Weapon was a contemporary romance. The title is intriguing and one might believe this was suspense of some sort, yet it is not. Kate Withers is stressed out about an impending legal battle with the neighbor to her familyís riding academy. He owns a country club and is getting very upset at the animals.

Harry Bond is Kateís ex-brother in-law. He has to come and give her the bad news that her divorce was never legalized. While he is there to straighten that out, imagine his surprise when he finds a beautiful half grown niece he never knew he had. Puzzled over his brotherís behavior in regards to his niece, he stays and looks at their legal issues. While there his feelings for Kate begin to come out.

Itís soon apparent to the reader itís difficult to see how Harry and his brother are even cut from the same cloth as they are obviously completely different in their value system. But Kate is in a very odd situation as she begins returning Harryís feelings. The story is fairly fast moving and reads rather quickly.

The plot is different, while not even close to typical in regards to their relationship. Though the divorce issues that arose did leave me wondering how in the world that would happen. This is a pretty good read for the contemporary romance fan.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Katy.

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