by Reese Gabriel

July 2004
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Meridian Hunter, Merrie to her friends, is a powerful businesswoman on the fast track to breaking the glass ceiling at her job. The only thing that’s going to stop her is her overactive libido. She keeps fantisizing about the new CEO, Marshall Wilder, using her as his sex slave.

For most women I don’t think this would be a problem. However, Merrie is not most woman, and her sex drive kicks into overdrive every time she and Marshall are in the same room. Her inability to keep her imagination in check becomes increasingly frustrating as she and Marshall butt heads on more than one occasion.

Coming to Merrie’s assistance is her intern Kennedy. Kennedy knows that Merrie will not be able to concentrate on earning the promotion she so desperately wants until she can live out the scenario that is fast becoming all consuming. She uses Merrie’s computer to introduce her to a website called Xchange.com, a place where a person who wants to be submissive could find a master.

At first Merrie is hesitant to try it, but finally decides that she needs to. After reading many e-mails she decides that the person for her is a man who calls himself Master Nightshade. When they finally meet face to face Merrie gets a surprise…Master Nightshade is none other than Marshall Wilder!

As in most cases of love nothing goes as either plan. Merrie and Marshall are two strong willed, intelligent people who butt heads at every opportunity. Ms. Gabriel has managed to write a story in which her characters can love, fight, and love and fight again and again. It is through their strong emotions that they come to an understanding, and a relationship that, while it might not work for many, works for them.

Temporary Slave is well written though it does encompass the world of BDSM. I didn’t feel that Merrie would have been a good slave if she hadn’t had true feelings for Marshall, just as Marshall wouldn’t have been a good master if he wasn’t truly feeling something for Merrie. I enjoyed Temporary Slave and will be looking for more by Reese Gabriel.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Sandi.

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