by Denise A. Agnew

ISBN: 1-931745-35-9
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Treacherous Wishes is a sequel to Dangerous Intentions, and this time it is Tammy and Kyleís romance that is the main focus. Both Tammy and Kyle work for Taggart Security Systems and are undeniably attracted to each other. To make things a little more interesting, Tammy has psychic powers Ė she can sense a personís aura by seeing colours around them. However, she faces danger from an unknown stalker and Kyle personally sees to her safety.

I was delighted to read this book as I have read and enjoyed Dangerous Intentions. And it is great to see Tammy and Kyle in their own story since I liked them both as secondary characters in the first book. It is really good finding out a lot more about them.

Once again Ms. Agnew tells a strong story with plenty of suspense as well as romance. Her characters are excellent and the plot is spine tingling as the race intensifies to find Tammyís stalker before he harms her. Kyle is a strong hero with a real protective instinct. Both Tammy and Kyle have troubled pasts and have to come to terms with them as the story unfolds.

Tammy is a well thought out character and her special gift makes her a

very vulnerable person. She doesnít want to have her psychic abilities but has no power to stop the colour flashes she gets when danger threatens.

It made for an unusual twist in the story, and makes the reader warm to Tammy.

Ms. Agnew is an excellent storyteller who writes at a brisk pace that makes her books hard to put down. I found myself finishing them much quicker than I expected. My only fault with this book is that it isnít long enough because I didnít want to leave the characters behind. I can highly recommend this book as a very good read for the romantic suspense lover.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Mary.

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