by Bella Andre

August 2004
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If you could wish on a shooting star and be guaranteed your wish would come true, what would you wish for? True love? Great and passionate sex? Christina, a sexually aggressive woman in present day San Francisco, wishes for a warrior to dominate her, control her, and force her even if she says no. Christiania, a girl raised in a nunnery in Scotland 1320, looks at her warrior husband to be and wishes for a gentle man to love and protect her. Both women are suddenly thrust into blackness and 'wake-up' in the otherís position.

Ms. Andre brings her readers a hot and spicy short story with Shooting Stars. While there isnít much in the way of character development we do understand each of the four characters in this story. Christina is an aggressive bored woman. She knows what she wants and goes after it. What she always wants is sex! Christiania is a timid woman, which is normal for women of her era, and only wants a man to love her . . . not scare her to death. While both men are dominating and aggressive they are also opposites. Jack (our modern day hero) is passionate and caring and Marcus (our Scottish Laird) is every bit the warrior in his fierceness and angry expressions. Oh, but the stars know who belongs to whom. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and think it could only be made better by spending more time with both couples!

Reviewed in August 2004 by Vikky.

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