by Sahara Kelly

August 2004
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German Whore, and Vlad 1754, are both really close to beating level nine, the last level of the on-line video game they have been playing for months. They sit in their homes all night long trying to beat level nine of the damnable game! She has the cunning to get into the last beast lair and he has the power to destroy the last beast. Yet they donít trust each other enough to cooperate in beating that beast. That is until they agree to 'meet' at an Inn for a mug of ale. Their 'social' bar goes up and, as computer generated characters, they end up having sex.

With her trademark humor and erotic sex appeal, Sahara Kelly gives her readers another fun, HOT story to read. From the moment the cocky man and the intelligent woman meet, I was rooting for her to beat him at the game. He was so sure that he could gather the information he needed from her, that I wanted her to wallop him! When these two people meet face to face the pages burned with their thoughts and wants and when they finally come together in passion, I had to remind myself to breathe! Thank you, Ms. Kelly, for creating another enjoyable book to go on my 'shelf' of keepers dedicated solely to you!

Reviewed in August 2004 by Vikky.

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