by Shirley Jump

September 2004
ISBN: 0-821-77691-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Do you believe in signs or omens? Well, Candace didnít which is really a shame seeing as she was receiving so many of them and things kept happening to make her wedding a disaster. Not only did the shop that had her dress burn down, but several other things as well, one major one; in my opinion, is her waking up in the bed of a complete stranger. Not only does she not know how she got there, she can't quite keep her eyes off the man walking around in boxers. To say that Candaceís life is anything but orderly as she likes to have everything planned out and follows it to a T, just isnít happening anytime soon.

Candace along with two of her friends owns and runs a gift shop and their specialty is chocolate. Anything is good with chocolate no matter the occasion or the stress involved. There seems to be a recipe for just about everything and anything involving chocolate at the beginning of several chapters, with their own original title to go along with the advice in the recipe. Yes, these are real recipes.

Candace still thinks she is going to marry Barry, even after waking up in Michaelís bed. Even after all the things that can go wrong do and then thrown in more mishaps on top of it. We canít forget Barry, her fiancť, even though she does have trouble every now and then remembering his name when Michael is around. Also, her doubts are finally coming to the surface as well, but she says she is still marrying Barry.

Michael canít believe his luck when he walks into the shop and finds the lady that left his bed without a backward glance. Oh, he had a few glances of her sleeping in his bed alone, since he put her there. He wanted to find her but didnít now how and now, fate seems to have been on his side. Michael has finally found the one and he doesnít plan on letting her slip through his fingers.

The Bride Wore Chocolate is a fun and fast paced read that will leave you drooling over the recipes, chocolate and the man. It deals with thinking you have found Mr. Right because you are just like them and like the same things, but then along comes someone to stir up your world, leaving you breathless and reaching for chocolate. I loved the humor in this book, it could be in your face one minute and subtle the next, but with it came the advice and facts whether you wanted it or not. This is the first book in a trilogy by Shirley Jump; I canít wait to see what she has in store for us next.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Pam.

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