by Desiree Acuna

July 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-579-4
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Lady Mariel is shocked and terrified when she finds out that she is to be ceremonially sacrificed to seven of the most powerful demons ruling her homeland. She had no warning her life would be forfeit until Behsart, the Trull, a lesser demon assigned to be her escort, appeared on her doorstep. Behsart is charged with insuring her arrival at each of the temples where the ceremonies will be held.

On their journey she discovers an ally ó Cavan, Lord of Reugal, whose body plays host to the lesser demon Behsart. Mariel uses the only weapon she has at her disposal to sway Behsart - the pleasure he finds in her body. Every time Behsart gives into the urge to sate his desires in her he is weakened and Cavan grows stronger. But time is in short supply, because Behsart is charged with taking Mariel on pilgrimage to the temples of the seven demons in order that they may sample their bride. At the end of their journey she is to be ritually sacrificed releasing her spirit into their service for eternity.

Mariel has two choices: she will have to escape Behsart or please the demons and convince them that she is worth more to them alive than sacrificed to their ardour.

Belly of the Beast is the debut book by Kimberley Zant writing as Desiree Acuna. This dark erotic fantasy is a major departure for the author who has thus far written contemporary romance. A compelling fantasy about one womanís sexual awakening and the wonder of an unexpected love. The characterization is quite strong which helps move this fantasy along. A fascinating fantasy filled with eroticism galore.

Now, this book is definitely not recommended for romance readers with conservative tastes. It is unabashedly a BDSM erotica and contains very explicit sex scenes featuring bondage domination, submission, anal sex, oral sex, multiple partners, and female-female sex. But donít despair, there is a strong romantic subplot that will make it all worthwhile. I strongly urge you to cuddle up with your partner and share this one. Trust me on this, keep them very close by.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Cynthia.

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