by Patricia A. Rasey

ISBN: 1-58697-104-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Dark Star Books

This is a thriller with a lot of passion in it! The book tells the story of some very grizzly murders so you need a strong stomach for the graphic descriptions! But this does not take away from the story at all.

KC is the detective whose job it is to solve the murders. Sharalee is the victim support officer whose job it is to comfort the families of the victims. Shar is in love with KC and is determined that he will notice her.

KC is attracted to Shar but as she is the daughter of his best friend, who happens to be the Sheriff, KC is reluctant to ask her out, as she is still ‘Daddy’s little girl’ in the sheriff’s eyes.

The murders that KC is currently investigating appear to be committed by a serial killer with revenge on his mind. The plot is really deep and goes back into the past of the victims. There are a lot of characters in this story, which throws you off on who the killer is as there are a lot of suspects. At the same time, Shar finds her whole past in question as the plot unfolds.

The fact that KC is 14 years older than Shar doesn’t deter her in the slightest in her pursuit of him. Since KC is a the kind of man to make any woman of any age go weak at the knees, it isn’t much of an issue at all! KC, however, feels differently and there are a few light touches in the story such as KC going to the Pastor Jackson for advice. But Pastor Jackson instead of offering guidance, constantly warns KC against the sins of the flesh! The sins of the flesh is unavoidable, however, as every time KC sees Shar all he can think of is her flesh!!

The story offers a lot of passion but it is more a thriller than a romance. Ms Rasey invented some really brilliant characters that made the story interesting as well as gripping.

I can recommend this book as an excellent read but be prepared for some harrowing scenes in the book.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Mary.

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