by Dakota Cassidy

July 2004
ISBN: 1-59596-047-3
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Maxine (Maxie) Rodriguez is the heroine on The Ex-Files: Maxie’s Man and what a heroine! She is a former battered wife who literally came back from the brink of death and decided that she wouldn’t be a victim for anyone ever again. She is now teaching other women self-defense. She has three close friends, all divorcees, and they help each other over rough spots. They affectionately call themselves the Ex-Files. Life is good for Maxie except for one little problem…she has sex every night with the “Invisible Man”.

Kellen is a Celtic knight from the third century who was cursed by a witch and sent to the 21st century. His punishment is to avenge wronged women. Seeing Maxie in the hospital after her now ex-husband’s last beating affected him deeply. He vowed vengeance but didn’t leave her side.

One night after partying with the Ex-Files, Maxie decides its time to find out who the “Invisible Man” is and WHY HER?? Meeting Kellen and listening to his story has her convinced he’s crazy, until she asks him to demonstrate how he gets into her bedroom. When he disappears in a puff of black smoke, she begins to think she’s crazy!!

Maxie’s Man is a thoroughly engrossing read that I enjoyed tremendously. Ms. Cassidy has a wicked sense of humor that I totally appreciate. I’m looking forward to finding the first book of this series and reading the ones not yet published.

Reviewed in August 2004 by PamL.

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