by Neesa Hart

May 1996
ISBN: 0-7860-0259-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Pinnacle
Mass Market Paperback

Restless is Neesa Hartís first contemporary novel. And I must say she did a very nice job. Jacob and Macon were characters that screamed to be heard. After reading two of her other contemporaries before Restless, I was eager to read this and consistently annoyed at having to put it down to attend to the activities of daily living, like going to work.

I fear that every book I read by Neesa Hart is going to be compared to the first book I ever read by her, A Kiss To Dream On. I was especially thrilled to read Restless because it features two characters who made appearances in A Kiss To Dream On. Characters I had wondered about, so Iím glad to see they have their own story.

And what an interesting and complicated story it is. Without going into too much detail, I will say that it involves national security, mischief, mayhem and betrayal. But while all of that is going on, the real story revolves around Macon and Jacob.

Macon learned as a child that when you love people they leave you - normally, through death. Therefore, she reasons, itís better not to let anyone too close to you. She has spent her adult years clinging to that belief while building a name for her self in the world of politics. As the story begins Macon, has just been named Washingtonís Most Powerful Woman. And that, in and of itself, should give you some insight into her character.

Jacob Blackfort is a very, very, very attractive Secret Service Agent. Heís spent the last 4 years of his life running from his past and working on the biggest counterfeit case the US has ever seen. Now he needs Maconís help to close the case.

What keeps these two lovers apart besides their pasts are the details of the case, details that Jacob knows could lead to the end of his and Maconís relationship. But, the details are classified. Whatís a Secret Agent to do?

Neesa Hart has wrapped danger and intrigue and the excitement of the Washington political scene around a fascinating romance. Macon is a character a reader can get into. Sheís just trying to live her life the best way she knows how. Sheís at turns exasperating and awe inspiring. What pulls her character through some of the rough patches in her personality, is that she really doesnít understand that sheís an important person to many people.

Jacob Blackfort is a complicated man. His story spills out bit by bit through this book. Itís pretty clear that he needs Macon and the love she can give him. Itís also pretty obvious that he needs to be able to give the love that he obviously feels. He too can be rather exasperating at times but heís an incredible hero trying to juggle his career, his new love and his past. Not exactly an easy task. But one he manages to handle with a modicum of finesse.

I enjoyed this book. And Iíll continue to search out and read Ms. Hartís work.

Reviewed in March 2002 by JaToya.

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