by Sherri L. King

July 2004
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Tryton, Enigmatic Elder of the Shikar Council, has seen all of his clever machinations come to satisfying fruition. His most trusted men have mated with women who are worthy of the most powerful warriors of the Shikar. But Tryton believes that true love comes at a dear price - one he vows never to pay. He refuses to fall prey to the seduction of loveís embrace because he has seen first hand the destruction it can wield ó until he comes face to face with a modern goddess who sets his soul on fire.

Niki Akitoye has not known love to be very kind to her. Actually, any strong emotion she feels may make her lose control of powers so destructive nothing will survive its touch. She canít let anyone get too close, even those she longs to hold. However, circumstances bring Niki to the attention of a man so awesomely sexy, so powerful, he makes her body ache to take hold of him.

When a new threat from the Daemon Horde is discovered, re-igniting the Horde War, Tryton is forced to reveal secrets that will send shock waves throughout the Shikar.

The Horde Wars: Lord of the Deep is so hot it will singe your fingertips. Tryton is a force to be reckoned with and that comes across very clearly. He gives new meaning to alpha male. Niki is no slouch in the alpha department either. Both characters go a long way towards grabbing and keeping your attention. Special appearances made by characters from other books in the series will help maintain the readers undivided attention. Lord of the Deep is well paced, well written, and well stocked with adventure, passion, magic, and romance enough to satisfy even the most discriminating.


Reviewed in August 2004 by Cynthia.

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