by Dee S. Knight

July 2004
ISBN: 1-59578-025-4
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Princess Katherine and her Prince Charming, Cole Gallagher, present a delicious adult fairy tale with a modern flair.

Beautiful Susan Baer, a successful businesswoman, founder of Baer Hugs health centers for women, longs to find that special man. She wasn’t always the poised, graceful beauty in control of a rapidly expanding company; she spent her awkward teens miserable and humiliated, desperately trying to fit in with the wrong crowd. She needs to sate the pangs of loneliness she has always felt - with the right man.

Suddenly, there are three men vying for her attention. All of them are successful, blond, and gorgeous to boot. But they each pose their own unique problems: one is too aggressive and rough, one is too submissive and wants her to be in charge, and lastly one is gay, or so Susan believes.

Baer and the Three Goldilocks is a sexy, funny romantic comedy with a ribald modern perspective on an old classic. Although, the love scenes came across a as a little instructional, they were very steamy. Wonderful dynamic characters and a great plot will satisfy the most discriminating reader.


Reviewed in August 2004 by Cynthia.

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