by Kim Green

October 2004
ISBN: 0-385-33719-1
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Corfu, an exotic Greek Island, is about to be invaded by four women. Kelah is the aspiring writer who is blind to the truth around her. In her mid forties, Claire is the mother of two sons and the wife of an unfaithful man. An interior designer, Parker has been abandoned by her husband after only eleven days of marriage, and Anya is the Catholic girl who doubts her own worth. Feeling lost and completely alone, each of them has come to Corfu for her own reasons, but by the time their trips are over, they will have forged a deep bond of friendship that will cross continents and discovered the truth about themselves and that maddening, itchy little thing called love.

On a rainy weekend day, I found Paging Aphrodite to be a splendid escape. Writing flawlessly, Kim Green shows why she’s a writer to be read with this extraordinary narrative. Almost effortlessly it seems, she has skillfully woven four distinct stories into one mesmerizing novel.

White beaches, colorful island people, and original tourists create a gorgeous setting where marvelously drawn characters decorate their own canvasses using sharp dialogue and detailed mental monologs. All of the characters, including the supporting cast, are noteworthy, but my favorite character was Anya. As I watched her change from an insecure young woman who could be trampled by a feather to a confident woman who could fight off the evilest of the ex-girlfriends, I was holding my breath and cheering at the same time. The strength of all the leads was powerful and inspirational. It was uplifting to read a novel where the downtrodden woman doesn’t just sit around and cry. Even though Kelah, Claire, Parker, and Anya stumbled, each managed to rise again.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Natasha.

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