by Joan Johnston

November 2004
ISBN: 0-440-20561-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Wyoming Territory 1880

The battle lines in Sweetwater, Wyoming were drawn and the war was escalating by the minute. The ranchers and nesters were at each other's throats. The ranchers were losing cattle to rustlers and blaming the nesters. The nester's fences, crops, and houses were sustaining damage. Each blamed the other, and now innocent people were getting hurt. It has to stop and spinster school teacher, Eden Devlin, devises the perfect solution. Gathering the wives of both sides, she explains her plan as to how to get the men folk to sit down and discuss their problems rationally. The wives would withhold marital relations from their husbands until the fighting stopped and a peaceable solution was found. The men of Sweetwater were aghast that this dried up old spinster could come up with such a horrid way for them to seek peace. Since desperate times called for desperate measures, the ranchers, who hired notorious gunslinger Burke Kerrigan to put a stop to the rustling, could also earn his keep another way. Kerrigan would get a $1000 bonus if he seduced the old maid schoolmarm, and show the prudish Miss Devlin exactly what she was missing.

Burke had his work cut out for him. Having earned his living as a hired gun for almost twenty years, Kerrigan knew his life expectancy in his chosen profession was more then up. He needed the money from this last job to make a new start for himself. After agreeing to the rancher's terms of additionally seducing the spinster, Kerrigan began to see another, brighter aspect to this assignment. Eden was anything but "dried up” and every bit, (if not more), as saucy and tempting as any woman Kerrigan had ever desired. A battle of wits and passion begins to erupt between the gunslinger and the teacher, which explodes in an all or nothing love for both.

With a little bit of Romeo and Juliet, and the Greek play Lysistrata, mixed together, The New York Times best-selling author Joan Johnston has a winning combination of romance, comedy, and adventure with her reissue of Sweetwater Seduction. The passion that consumes the hardened gunslinger and the prissy teacher is well worth the wait it takes for them to come together. This book is a keeper!

Reviewed in October 2004 by Bonnie.

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