by Shannon Devlyn

September 2004
ISBN: 1-59648-003-3
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Audrey O'Connor has been engaged to Sebastian MacAllister since they were children. It is her 21st birthday, the day the Joining Ceremony will take place, and she will also assume the leadership of the High Council. Audrey is a witch, and Sebastian is a Familiar. For centuries Mages and Familiars have worked together but some rumors of a takeover made it necessary to present a unified front. What better way than joining the two most important families of both races? Although Audrey has been in love with Sebastian, she knows that he is not going to take his vows seriously, and that their marriage is going to be one in name only ... something that she is not ready to accept.

Sebastian cannot understand Audrey's prickly attitude towards him throughout the whole evening. He is very much looking forward to their union, but her attitude is driving him insane. To make matters worse, he has the strong feeling that something bad is going to happen, despite the fact that the place where the Joining is taking place is being carefully guarded. Soon he will have to undertake a rescue mission of a rather unusual sort.

Shannon Devlin's Familiar Magic is a highly entertaining paranormal/time travel romance. In this engaging story, we follow the two main characters in an adventure through time. Sebastian is a super sexy and misunderstood shapeshifter (a familiar), who will do whatever is necessary to save his lady. Audrey is quite a strong young woman, who is completely in love with the man she has been engaged to ever since she can remember, but who has been misguided by his past actions. However, she has to learn to trust him, as he is, literally, the only one who can save her. The cast of secondary characters provides for a nice supporting cast. Familiar Magic is a truly magical tale that will appeal to lovers of paranormal and time travel romance. On the "sweet" side of the scale, this may be a nice read for younger romance lovers as well. I look forward to read Ms. Devlin's future work.

Reviewed in August 2004 by Mireya.

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