by Nancy Warren

August 2004
ISBN: 0-373-69187-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #987
Mass Market Paperback

Darren Kaiser is a nerd in wolf’s clothing. With a Brad Pitt hair style, killer bod and a genuine liking for women in all their variety, the son of Manhattan’s brightest advertising firm cuts a swath through the city’s nightlife, while hiding his passion - software design. When he becomes the target of a media blitz on his single status, Darren disappears. Only his lawyer has a vague idea of his destination. With dyed hair, ragged surfer gear and a beat-up car, he heads to the Pacific Northwest to work on his educational software in peace.

High school dropout Kate Monahan hopes that her new neighbor will be the friendly variety, preferably female. Kate’s many hours at the beauty parlor left her schedule erratic, but it was a small price to pay for her dream of going to college. After years of helping her mother support the family, soon she would be able to start her education. With some investment help from her sometimes-boyfriend, Brian, she hoped that her little nest egg would soon have dividends. When she meets Dean Edgar, the new tenant upstairs, she decides that the computer geek may be a little unfriendly, but she can live with that.

With this innocuous beginning, author Nancy Warren is just warming up. Underneath It All is a spicy, sexy battle between two people who are more alike than they realize. Both of them have issues and both of them have some maturing to do. What better way than to do it all together? Darren and Kate start of fighting over the laundry facilities and end up using the machinery in ways that are not listed in the manufacturer’s product guide. Darren is in seventh heaven - at last he has found someone who likes the real Darren - except that she doesn’t know Darren, only Dean. What will happen when Kate finds out that nothing is as it seems?

Fans of Nancy Warren’s many books will enjoy this treat from Temptation. New readers will be hooked by the sparkling dialog and unforgettable characters. Be sure to watch the bookshelves for this one - it won’t last long!

Reviewed in July 2004 by Paula.

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