by Camille Anthony

July 2004
ISBN: 1-59596-029-5
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Martini (Marti) Harmon is an officer in the Planetary Repulsion Force who is on leave and looking for some action. She hasnít had any ďrealĒ action in five years. Unfortunately the M.A.N. (Mechanistic Anatomically-correct Nurturer) unit she ordered over a year ago still hasnít been delivered and she wants to know why!!

The war has decimated the human male population so M.A.N.-Kind, Inc. came up with a way to help the female population, with their M.A.N. units that can be ordered to fit certain specifications; i.e. looks, voice, facial features and build and of course, endurance.

There are two business partners of M.A.N.-Kind, Inc. Chad is the one in the public eye, so to speak, and Denzel is the behind-the-scenes type of partner who has had some interesting surgeries to help him after a severe radiation accident.

Due to the government ordering them to cease all operations until a class action lawsuit can be settled, they canít even begin to construct Martiís M.A.N. unit so they decide to let Denzel Ďbecomeí her M.A.N. unit, even though heís human.

I loved the interaction between Marti and Denzel. From the moment they left M.A.N.-Kind, Inc., the chemistry between them was electric. They knew what they wanted or, in Martiís case, needed, and they werenít shy about their desires.

This book has everything I like reading about...a great heroine, great hero, humor, and sex. The only question I have for Ms. Anthony is - how soon before the next installment?????

Reviewed in July 2004 by PamL.

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