by Nancy Warren, MaryJanice Davidson, Karen Kelley

November 2004
ISBN: 0-7582-0586-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

The Fourteen Million Dollar Poodle by Nancy Warren is a story about a man who inherits a toy poodle from his great-aunt, with certain stipulations attached. Vince Elliott doesn’t have a dog and if he did, it wouldn’t be a tiny poodle with blue-rinsed fur that only responds to French, will eat only certain foods cooked a particular way, drinks Perrier water, has a monthly appointment to get her fur and nails done and is called Mimi. Oh, did I forget to say that Mimi’s worth $14,000,000.00!!!! Vince doesn’t speak French so naturally the dog doesn’t respond to him. During a walk in the park, Vince is calling the dog, using a French dictionary and the dog is ignoring him. He hears a woman’s laughter and she corrects his pronunciation. After introducing herself, Sophie speaks to Mimi in French and the dog responds to her. Vince can’t believe it and decides later, that Mimi needs a dog nanny, namely Sophie! A most pleasurable story follows with Sophie and Mimi having a few adventures along the way!!

The World is Too Darn Big by MaryJanice Davidson introduces us to Benjamin Dyson, an inventor and innovator who’s an independent contractor for the government. The man is a genius, who is also bored, until Tara Marx comes literally roaring into his life!! Tara explains to him that the “skeleton key card” he made and delivered that morning was not delivered to the CIA, as he was led to believe, but to the bad guys! He is not a happy person and he’s going after them. The story that follows is fast paced, fun and funny with two very charming characters.

Anything You Can Do…. by Karen Kelley has Alex promising his sister Lisa, on her wedding day, that he won’t make a play for Kagen, who is her new husband’s best friend. Alex has never broken a promise to his sister before and he won’t break this one. He’ll be staying at Lisa and Steve’s apartment while they are on their honeymoon, tweaking a computer program he’s been working on and has to present to some possible investors in a few days. Little does he know that Steve, Lisa’s new husband, has arranged for Kagen to stay in their apartment to redecorate it, as his wedding present to Lisa and Steve has also warned Kagen about Alex!!!! The ensuing one-upmanship Alex and Kagen engage in turns up the heat!!!

Bad Boys with Expensive Toys is a very enjoyable anthology by three extremely clever authors!!

Reviewed in October 2004 by PamL.