by Susanna Carr

January 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-0826-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Wicked Women 101 by Susanna Carr is an anthology of three delightful stories that feature hunky heroes and feisty heroines!

Dr. Marc Javier has loved Amy Bryce for a very long time, while Amy has been wasting her time on her long time boyfriend, who dumps her for the “office slut”. Marc runs the institute’s “sensuality research” program and he’s stunned when Amy requests a spot in his latest research project. Marc has a better idea. He’ll help Amy with a little one-on-one research. During this time, he discovers Amy’s lack of self-confidence and the fact that she’s totally unaware of her sensuality. Marc is determined to help her find “the person she wants to be”. After Six Weeks to Sensuality will Marc and Amy discover that they are perfect for each other?

Jennifer Clark is a manager in the Encryption Department who is trying to get on with her life after being dumped by Bryan Matthews, The Love of Her Life. Bryan is trying to get back into Jennifer’s like after being dumped by her! Apparently they competed against each other in a test for a promotion and Bryan scored higher than Jennifer, so he moved onward and upward. Now they devise a wager between themselves to see who is better. Code Pink is a terrific story with two people who already have each other’s hearts!!!

Carolyn Mitchell is temporarily part of a Dream Circle, with two of her friends Mia and Artemetis. They tell each other their dreams and the others try to interpret the dreams. However, Carolyn refuses to tell anyone her dreams as they are of the x-rated variety, featuring a very sexy co-worker. Joe Hatcher has been drawn to Carolyn for a long time but could never manage to get close enough to her to suit him. Things go from bad to worse for Carolyn as she starts daydreaming about Joe at work!! With the help of her friends, she decides to sleep with Joe to “purge him from her mind” but that backfires on her! Can Carolyn and Joe keep pretending that Fantasies Are Forever or can they create a lifelong love?

Wicked Women 101 is a fun book. Grab it and enjoy!!! It’s a great way to spend a cold winter day!!!

Reviewed in December 2004 by PamL.

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