by Marcia Evanick

February 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7241-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Catch of the Day is a funny, sexy, hormone rousing creation. Marcia Evanick has out done herself. Misty Harbor is a place any female would want to move to. - I for one, hope to visit it again soon through another of Ms. Evanickís stories.

The entire cast and crew of this novel is quirky in his or her own way. From the unbelievably gorgeous Viking twins, Gunnar and Erik, who bring seafood instead of flowers to go a-courtiní to Anna, the slightly cantankerous antique shop owner with the sparkling dentures. They all make this story work, but itís our hero and heroine who steal the show.

Gwendolyn Augusta Fletcher has always loved to cook. Her dream of owning a restaurant of her own is finally becoming a reality. Relocating to Misty Harbor, where single females are very few and far between and a fine dining establishment is sorely needed, was a brilliant move on her part. Here she can finally do what sheís always wanted to do and finally prove that she has what it takes to succeed. Coming from a family of over achievers has been just a little hard on Gwenís self esteem. Meeting well built carpenter Daniel Creighton is icing on her gourmet cake.

Danielís well aware of the stir a new single female in town will cause, and despite his bodyís immediate reaction to Gwen, heís determined not to be one of dozens of men crowding her doorstep. Even when Gwen turns them all down (even the gorgeous Vikings!!), heís still not ready to risk making a fool of himself by asking her out, despite the fact that heís grown to care about her as they work together to make her dream a reality.

Daniel and Gwen are beautiful together. Their relationship is perfectly paced as they quickly became friends and gradually ease into something more. Misty Harbor is your typical small town, and itís the small population that makes it special. And even though Misty Harbor has itís fair share of gossips and busy bodies, it also has a sense of community and warmth that leaps up from the pages of this novel and wraps around you.

Catch of the Day has enough romance in it to satisfy anyone. From the elderly to the young, everyone has someone out there for them. I just hope Ms. Evanick continues telling tales about this town so we can watch everyone find those special someones. I highly recommend Catch of the Day.

Reviewed in March 2002 by JaToya.

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