by Robert Whitlow

October 2004
ISBN: 0-7852-6228-8
Reviewer Graphic Button WestBow Press
Trade Paperback

Baxter Richardson is in a coma, caused by injuries he sustained when his wife, Rena, pushed him over the edge of a cliff. When he starts to wake up, his world has changed. While his familiar enemies still stalk him, new ones are hovering nearby.

Rena Richardson is being tormented by her husband’s older brother, Jeffery, and his father. Each one is trying to buy her silence, giving her hundreds of thousands of dollars weekly.

Alexia Lindale is the attorney hired to represent Rena Richardson in her suit against her father-in-law to remove Baxter’s life support system. That case is proved moot when Baxter starts breathing on his own. But by then, Alex is caught deep in the entanglement Rena is weaving, unable to decipher truth from lies. When some of Rena’s lies threaten criminal prosecution against Rena, Alex tries to withdraw her legal representation since she isn’t a criminal attorney. She’s a divorce attorney. But Rena isn’t divorcing Baxter—or is she?

Set in the Low country region of South Carolina, Life Everlasting is an exciting mixture of courtroom drama, uncertain romance, deception, and a struggle between life and death.

At first I was uncertain where the plot was going to go in Life Everlasting. Is Rena an innocent victim? Or is she spinning lies to hide her crimes? I wasn’t really sure as I read the book. Rena is scared, of the past and of the present, and desperate to get away and start over. High-maintenance, she requires lots of attention from her lawyers, especially when the detectives start snooping around.

I couldn’t relate very well to Rena. I detest liars and Rena seemed incapable of telling the truth, which made her story change from scene to scene. I sympathized with her lawyers, trying to decipher which of the stories she told were true and which were lies — and why.

I felt bad for Baxter, being caught in a silent, still world and rejoiced when he started waking up. I hoped he’d be able to talk to tell his side of the story — a story which remained shrouded in darkness until the end of the book.

Pick up Life Everlasting today for an exciting read. You will want to keep the pages turning, if only to discover which of Rena’s stories are true and which aren’t. Life Everlasting is the sequel to Life Support and the reader will probably want to read this novel first as Life Everlasting seems to have started in the middle of the story and was rather confusing at first. If you like legal thrillers, Life Everlasting is chock full of action, and guaranteed to hold your interest.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Laura.

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