by Suzanne Enoch

January 2005
ISBN: 0-06-054325-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Sin And Sensibility is a book that kept me awake all night. Loath to put it down I resisted sleep and spent those hours with the Marquis of Deverill and Lady Eleanor Griffin. In those two, Suzanne Enoch has created characters so entertaining, so charming and so adventurous that it proved to be very easy to fall for them.

Eleanor is an adventurer at heart, but forced to be the Good Girl. With three older brothers and the good name of Griffin attached to her it seems sheer impossible to sustain the interest of a beau. Being a resourceful girl, she comes up with a declaration of independence. She is allowed her freedom and in return promises to not cause a scandal and eventually marry. However, when already her first outing without her brothers’ protection threatens her virtue and good name she’s more than grateful for the unexpected help from Valentine Corbet, the Marquis of Deverill.

Valentine is her oldest brother’s best friend and has been allowed near the girl even though his scandalous behavior in society should have kept him banned from the family home. Due to his long friendship with the Griffin clan he’s deemed trustworthy and charged with Eleanor’s well being. First unwilling to perform babysitting services he all too soon finds himself irresistibly drawn to the changed and seemingly very bold Eleanor.

Eleanor’s been always fascinated with Valentine. A wicked Bad Boy without a care, he’s as outrageous and free as she’d like to be. So of course she asks him to guide her, to teach her in how to be carefree and to provide her with an adventure. Intrigued and impressed by her courage and her desire to stand on her own feet he agrees. And even though he might be honorable at heart he’s no match for Eleanor, who wants Valentine to be her adventure.

What romance reader doesn’t like a Bad Boy? Sadly though, too often they end up reformed and…boring. Valentine is not only allowed to stay bad, but he’s also given someone to be bad with. With witty dialogues that befits a romance set in Regency England and two so very strong and captivating characters it comes as no surprise that a lack of sleep is of no concern when it comes to reading Suzanne Enoch’s latest, the first in a new series. I’m looking forward to more of the Griffin family and highly recommend fans of Regency-set-Historicals to put Sin And Sensibility on their reading list.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Kris Alice.

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