by Neesa Hart

December 1999
ISBN: 0-380-80787-4
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Mass Market Paperback

What do you get when you mix an award winning journalist on the verge of burnout and a do-gooder who is, at times, overly economical with her words? Some truly interesting verbal sparring, thatís what.

Jackson Puller is the aforementioned journalist. Heís got a real soft spot for kids but heís coming off of a tough assignment and the last thing heís expecting is Cameo Glynn.

Cammy is a tough nut to crack. Extremely wary of the press, the last thing she wants is to let Jackson pry into the nooks and crannyís of Wishing Star Foundation for Children, the organization she runs. But just as Jackson was unprepared for her and her enigmatic ways, so is she just as unready for his devastating grin and obvious compassion for children in need.

Itís obvious from their first meeting that these two are meant for each other. Their interactions are humorous and fast paced. Both are obviously intelligent people and they complement each other perfectly.

When you add some truly adorable children into the mix, you have a heartwarming, as well as very well written, story.

The flip side to this initially fast paced, humor filled tale is the pain that both Cammy and Jackson are holding onto. Cammy, because of her childhood and the continued emotional abuse of a parent mentally incapable of taking responsibility for her actions. Jacksonís emotional baggage is due to this work. His last assignment ended in tragedy, with the death of a child Jackson had grown close to, and heís having trouble dealing with the loss and the guilt associated with it.

One of the most fascinating aspects of A Kiss To Dream On is Cammy and Jacksonís instantaneous and unrelenting support of each other. Throughout the book they constantly give of themselves and as a result their bonds grow increasingly stronger. The reader can actually see their relationship build and itís more than obvious that these two people have hearts the size of Texas. And that any kids lucky enough to have them as parents will grow to be healthy, sane adults.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This is my very first experience with Neesa Hartís work and if I never like another book sheís ever written (though Iím sure I will) sheíll still have earned a spot on my favorite authors list and a place on my keeper shelves. I unreservedly recommend A Kiss To Dream On.

Reviewed in March 2002 by JaToya.

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