by Penny Vincenzi

October 2004
ISBN: 0-58567-482-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Overlook Press

Celia Lytton’s twin daughters, Venetia and Adele are eighteen in the year 1928; they have the world at their feet. They are under no curfews, no supervision of any kind. They party way too hard for young girls their age. They get themselves in dissatisfying relationships

They are beautiful, rich and spoiled rotten. In most peoples eyes they can do no wrong, no matter what. Their mother Celia is a force in her own right, to be reckoned with. She treats everyone in her reach with an iron hand, including the twins. There is only one person she treats special, her youngest son, Kit. No one can figure out why he gets the special treatment from Celia. Celia has a secret which she needs to keep secret.

With Nazi, Germany looming in the background, Venetia, Adele and Celia’s world is about to be rocked to its foundation. Their lives will be turned to the dark side of life in ways they never imagined. Their way of life will never be the same again.

If you have not read the book Fallen Angel, you may find yourself being not able to follow Something Dangerous. This reviewer found herself lost several times. This is a well written, thought provoking book. It is a worthwhile read. I would recommend reading the first book before attempting to read Something Dangerous.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Pat.

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