by Angela Knight, Kimberly Dean, Jess Michaels, Jennifer Probst

December 2004
ISBN: 0-9754516-1-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Red Sage Publishing
Trade Paperback

Hard on the heels of a surprise summer edition is the eleventh volume in the Secrets series. Headlined by rising stars Angela Knight and Kimberly Dean, this winter edition will melt your icicles for dang sure. The theme is fantasies come true, and boy, do these four authors do a bang up job of coming up with some scrumptious offerings in time for Christmas.

Masquerade by Jennifer Probst

When Hailey Ashton is invited to her bossí annual weekend house party she meets the man of her dreams. For three deliriously passionate nights, Hailey and her masked lover, Phantom, live out her every fantasy. What will she do when she finds out Phantom is her best friend Michael Rivers? Beautifully written, this is a story about love finally realized.

Ancient Pleasures by Jess Michaels

Victorian lady Isabella Winslow is searching for the truth at the archaeological site of the tomb Merytsat. Isabella believes her husbandís sudden change in behaviour prior to his untimely death and his flagrant adultery are linked to Merytsatís tomb. When she arrives at the dig site she encounters an American tomb raider and a world of sensual pleasure. Not to mention love beyond her wildest imaginings. Ancient Pleasures is an entertaining twist on legends of mummies and curses.

Manhunt by Kimberly Dean

Assistant District Attorney Taryn Swanson is torn between her duty to the law and the man she desires. Former police detective Michael Tucker is charged with drug running. When the police vehicle transporting him from his arraignment is involved in a two-car accident Tucker escapes and seeks out the one person he knows who will help him clear his name. Up and comer Kimberly Dean strikes gold with this compelling tale of treachery, lust, and the strength of love.

Wake Me by Angela Knight

Graphic artist Chloe Hart receives the portrait of a gorgeous knight without his shining armor from an anonymous benefactor that inspires the hottest dreams sheís ever had. They are so realistic she swears that her knight is calling out to her. But there is no way the super sexy man in the painting is real. Is there? Be warned Angela Knightís sexy fantasy will have you franticly looking for your B.O.B., so keep it handy. Itís always great when the heroine saves the hero.


Reviewed in November 2004 by Cynthia.