by Jaci Burton

July 2004
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In Chains of Love: Bound to Trust, Marina is an investigator with the Interplanetary Enforcement Unit, who is investigating the kidnapping of several women, supposedly sent to the BDSM planet of Xarta, where they are to be trained as submissives.

Kaden is an interplanetary marshal from the planet Xarta, who also happens to be a Dom.

Marina’s undercover assignment is to get 'kidnapped' and taken to Xarta, where Kaden will purchase her. They are on the lookout for the other Earth women who have disappeared. However, Marina has no idea how to act as a sub. Kaden will be training Marina in the basics of being a sub and the rest she will learn as they go along.

Marina has the reputation of a ‘ball-buster’, a woman who doesn’t take any attitude from anyone, especially men. Submit isn’t a word that is in her vocabulary. Kaden knows he has his work cut out for him, in attempting to train Marina. He is looking forward to it because he sees that underneath the toughness, there is a very sensual woman begging for a dominant partner.

Marina is SO not looking forward to this assignment…until her training with Kaden begins, in a restaurant, no less!!

The assignment starts out pretty much as Marina expected it to – except for her being drugged before she was kidnapped. She’s then taken to be prepared for auction. Kaden out bids the other men and the assignment begins in earnest.

Kaden’s training of Marina in the ways of subs is enlightening for them both. She realizes that there’s nothing wrong with being submissive in the bedroom and he discovers Marina is a perfect submissive. They also discover that they are perfect for one another, after much soul-searching.

This was a fabulous read. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters and I would love to see Laren’s story. It’s a guarantee I will seek out more of Ms. Burton’s books. She delivers, in every way possible.

Reviewed in August 2004 by PamL.

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