by Rebecca York

February 2004
ISBN: 0-373-22706-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1462
Mass Market Paperback

I am a fan of Rebecca York, especially her '43 Light St.' series, so I looked forward to Phantom Lover with eagerness. The book is described as a gothic so that made it even more tempting as I love gothic romances.

Bree is a private investigator with the 43 Light St. Agency, and goes to investigate the supposed disappearance of Troy London at his sister Helenís request. She arrives at the remote brooding mansion called Ravencrest to begin her search.

Sounds like a perfect setting for a Gothic romance and it is. It has all the right ingredients and sends the required chills down the spine. Troy is a great phantom lover with Bree as the delightful heroine. The setting has plenty of spookiness and the cast of characters leaves the reader guessing as to who are the villains in the story.

The plot is sharp and it is certainly not easy to detect the outcome; in fact the outcome - especially the ending - was the hard to swallow part. I liked the was very satisfying...but the way the author explained it seemed too improbable and considering everything else had a reasonable explanation this felt too unfinished as if I was waiting for the surprise on the last page to explain the ending, but it didnít come.

Rebecca York knows how to build drama through her plotlines, and she invents great characters. She has always finished off her novels to my satisfaction but her ending here left me wanting a better explanation; however it didnít spoil the story entirely so I can still safely give it a 4 rose review.

Another good story in this series but not her best one.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Mary.

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