by Nancy J. Parra

October 2004
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Late 1800ís Johnstown, Texas

Shay Morgan, attorney at law and youngest of the notorious Morgan brothers, had a tough case to crack. His client, old family friend Ben Edwards, was dying, and his last wish was to see his estranged daughter Jenny one last time. Shayís job was to journey to Johnstown, Texas and bring her back to Amesville. This wasnít going to be easy. It seems the last man Edwards sent returned tarred and feathered and hasnít been the same since. If anyone could talk this supposed hellish shrew into returning with him to Wyoming it would be slick Shay. No woman had ever been able to resist his charms. That is, until Shay came across the path of Jenny Edwards.

Doc Jenny Edwards wasnít at all what Shay had been expecting when he arrived in Johnstown. She wasnít a shrew, but a kind hearted, compassionate doctor dedicated to her patients. Jenny was a self made woman in a manís world. Having been abandoned by her father and left to nurse her dying mother, Jenny swore she would never be at a manís mercy. Upon her motherís death, Jenny apprenticed with the local Doc and from there was able to make her way to medical school in Boston. Never mind the fact she was the only woman in a class of 100 men, Jenny succeeded in earning her degree. Afterwards, she returned to Texas to help those in need. The people of Johnstown were very protective of their ďDocĒ and were not going to be intimidated by the likes of hot shot lawyer Shay Morgan. Shay has his work cut out for him. He must make Jenny trust him enough so he can get her back to Wyoming before it is too late. Even if he loses his heart to this amazing woman in the bargain!

Wyoming Wedding is the concluding episode of the Morgan brothersí series by Nancy J Parra. I found myself enraptured and falling in love with these sexy, noble cowboys of the west right along with their heroines. Youngest brother Shay finds his match in feisty Doc Jenny, just as his brothers did before him in their own stories.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Bonnie.

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