by Katriena Knights

March 2002
ISBN: 1-893896-09-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Of the four series novellas, Julian, and Nicholas were individually published under separate covers with Dreams Unlimited. Ms. Knights then wrote Lucien and Lorelei. ImaJinn is reissuing them as one book, combining the stories into a full novel for readers familiar and not familiar with the series.

The prologue of the first book is intriguing and mysterious, setting the tone for the following story, drawing you into the paranormal world of the vampire. Yet, this story isn't like most vampire novels. Ms. Knights has created a complex society of politics and pre-destination that blends into the horror-reality of the undead's world.

Julian Cavenaugh is 800 years old and has been able to fight the craving for human blood in a most unique way. But the special cigarettes he uses have hidden side affects, and when his life drastically and abruptly changes, those side affects come into play. First, he is compelled to take the blood of human Lorelei Fletcher, never realizing that it will be the final catalyst in his transformation into something more than just a vampire. After taking the blood of a "First Child" (the senior and ruling vampire, a demon from the beginning of time), he becomes the ruling Vampire. And now Julian becomes the "Eater of Light", a healer that feeds off life energy at the same time giving it back.

Loving Lorelei and inadvertently changing her into something entirely unique is just one of the many things Julian has to deal with and make sense of. The old way of the vampire will change, and the lovers hold the key in their body's chemistry.

Facing the quickly changing and disconcerting new way of life with the lovers is Vivian, Nicholas, and Lucien, all vampires who play a major part in those changes. Lucien is ancient, and the center of the mystery and holds the answers somewhere in his vast memory of the countless centuries.

Also in the story's center are the "Dark Children"; Vampires determined to stop the changes at any cost. Their forces are gathering, becoming more powerful and more dangerous as the story's events unfold.

Ms. Knights has written an exciting, fascinating concept of a different vampire plot. After reading this book, readers will be very glad to know that she is planning on writing four more stories to complete the continuing saga.

A highly recommended book for lovers of vampire and paranormal romance genre.

Reviewed in February 2002 by Kari.

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