by Nancy J. Parra

October 2003
ISBN: 0-8034-9617-6
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1880s Amesville, Wyoming

The stallion was wild, beautiful, and untamed just like the Wyoming frontier he roamed. He was what dreams were made of, and Lana Tate was going to capture him to help make hers come true! Lana’s life was tedious to say the least. Since the death of her Ma, her Pa had turned to the bottle for consolation, and nothing else mattered, not the ranch, and not his daughter. To make ends meet, Lana used her gift of song to entertain nightly at one of the local saloons. It was her goal to save enough money to move her and Pa to San Francisco where she would pursue her dream of becoming an opera star. Lana was positive that once she got Pa there he would give up the drink! Singing in a saloon wasn’t exactly lucrative, and it would take years before she would see her dream become a reality, that was until the reward for the capture of the stallion was posted. Lana would find the horse, bring him in, collect the reward, and she and Pa would live happily ever after in San Francisco, away from the hard frontier life of Wyoming that claimed the life of her Ma. Needless to say Lana knew next to nothing about how to go about catching a wild stallion. She needed advice, and sought that from Taggert Morgan, whose reputation as the best horseman in Wyoming was almost legendary.

Taggert Morgan had other plans when approached by the nymph like silver haired woman who made him roll with laughter at her hair brained scheme to try to catch the wild stallion. This horse was his! Once Tag caught the beast, the reward would be seed money for his own ranch, and the stud to a long line of beautiful horses Tag intended to raise. Tag couldn’t believe what he sees when he comes upon Lana Tate sitting on a rock singing to the stallion! She has the beast practically eating out of her hand, and it seems Taggert is next in line. Tag is nothing but captivated by Lana’s beauty and talent for singing! They decide to pool their resources and try to capture the stallion together, but the wilds of Wyoming and the shared love of this magnificent animal, begin to work a magic on both of them, forging an everlasting love.

Loving Lana is Nancy J. Parra’s third installment to the Morgan brothers’ series, that began with brother Matt in Saving Samantha, and continued on with oldest brother Trey in A Wanted Man. Third brother Taggert is just as set against settling down as his older brothers were, but like they learned all it takes is the right lady to come along and Tag will fall right off his horse and into her lap! Heart stopping adventure and fast paced story lines makes this series a must read for all western/historical lovers!

Reviewed in August 2004 by Bonnie.

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